Guldberg Penselfabrik​

Guldberg Penselfabrik is a Danish company founded by Børge Guldberg in 1979.

The company's first product was the oval brush, which was developed in close cooperation with professional painters and remains one of the company's most popular products.

Guldberg Penselfabrik manufactures an extensive range of brushes for the painting of buildings and specialised brushes for industrial production. Among other things, Guldberg's brushes are used in the shipping and wind turbine industry, where there are special requirements for such tools.

In addition to the handmade brushes, Guldberg also sells an extensive range of goods that naturally complement the brushes.

When Børge Guldberg decided to retire in 1992, the company was sold to Beck & Jørgensen A/S. Production takes place in Kolding where Kristen Guldberg, with her great passion for and expertise in brushes, ensures that the quality of the products remains top notch.

​Guldberg Penselfabrik ApS  |  Jernet 4 D  |  DK-6000 Kolding  |  Phone: +45 76 33 26 10  |  Mail: